Rudolf Haken

Professor of Music, University of Illinois

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If you are unable to download sheet music, please email or fill out the form below to arrange for PDFs to be sent to you on a thumb drive.

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You may download, distribute, and perform Pomposa Press sheet music free of charge, with specific caveats:

1) Before any performance, you must fill out the form below indicating the date, location, concert series, and whether admission will be charged.

2) Programs, recordings, and videos must credit Rudolf Haken as composer, arranger, or editor.

3) After any performance, you must provide a program using the form below.

4) If you are using pedagogical materials either as a teacher or as a student, please also use the form below.

5) For commercial recordings or soundtracks you must fill out the form below, or email, in order to initiate a discussion regarding royalties, etc.


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If you are planning to commercially record any music published by Pomposa Press, or wish to use the music for a soundtrack, give details as to the recording company, distribution, etc. This may done on this form or by email to I will contact you to discuss royalties.
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